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Friday, 28 June 2013

Long time no blog


OMG! It has been such a long time seems I blogged xD I am really sorry for my laziness! Yes! being busy just an excuse... I am just lazy!!! (although being busy is like 0.5% of the reason... HAHA)

So how is everyone? During the past few month of my hiatus, quite a lot of things happen~ I turned 16 officially! I completed my Mid-Year exam~ I have a slight improvement! YAY! I am on hiatus on cosplay...
Hmmm what else??

Well, June 2013 is a crazy month for Singapore. The haze is REALLY bad this time =w= the PSI is like over 400... 400!!! Hope no one fall sick because of it! (although i fell sick :/)

And when the haze finally got better, there is HAIL!!! I manage to see it~ yeaaahhh...

And and and... The mac HELLO KITTY craze =.= Although I do think that the hello kitty are cute... but... dun you think the craze is getting slightly out of hand? I don't know... but i definitely won't spend so much time queuing up for a hello kitty.

Yesterday, I went Dion's house... She is selling some of her cosmetic, wigs, and cosplay costume at a reasonable (and cheaper than market) price! Do support her!

I bought 2 pair of dolly wink bottom lashes from her and got a free gift (cus i her friend mahh) from her...
jiang jiang~ isnt the present cute >.<

This 3 photos are the make up test trying out the bottom lashes i bought from Dion.. and uh huh... i chopped off my hair xD

I miss my long hair now TT^TT

Till the next time


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy new year!

Hi everyone!

I know I have not been writing on my blog for quite some time >< well, i was... lazy HAHA!
So Happy new year everyone! BELATED!
This holiday I have went quite a few countries, other then ShenZheng and Hong Kong which I often visit, I also visited Macau and ZhuHai! What is more, I have a sudden trip to the "long time no see" Taiwan! It is not for a good cause actually, but I do have some fun!

I have done lot's of shopping! I will do a blog post about my loots in... maybe a week's' time? I did not buy too many clothes since it is winter when I visited them and their clothes are too thick for me in SG HAHA 8'D but I am quite happy with the things I bought ^^. I also visited this place in hongkong where there is a









I bought a KT DVD that I have been always longing for and some photos for my friend ><

Now I will just share a few of my favourite picture taken in HK/Macau/China 

                                         ^ hotel in ZhuHai LOL
                                              I find my mum really cute in this pic :x
                                                        me copying my mum pose ><><

                                                  I just love taking photo with her!
                                                                mehhh :p

                                                           A group photo with the whole tour!
Well, since school have started and I am sec 4 this year, I need more time and commitment in my study and might be on hiatus here and there this year... Sorry for that

and for those who will be taking their O level, N level, A level or any exam... JIAYOUSSSS

until the next time :)


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rainy day inspired make-up


So the weather now day are really bad and rainy and since I have not touched my make up for quite sometime due to studies, I decided to do a make up inspired by the rainy weather...

I am not a pro in make-up so it may not turn out nicely... It is just random adding colour on my face xD

So... me without make up...
 After putting on some foundation -continue puking-
I filled my eyebrow with brown eyebrow pencil. I would not say it is a job well done cus it is the first try @~@

Eyeshadow~ I used a black and blue eyeshadow, blended with white to create this colour which reminds me of the clouds~
Then I continued with eyeliner... I have to say I made an improvement >o< -patself-







 -piang- this is what happen :( CRY
                                            See how much colour drop off -sob sob-
                                                   6 of the colours are emptied TT^TT

After blush and lipstick! AKA completed ><

So this is it >.< definitely not well done, but seems to be a improvement for me! Got to go.. Chinese exam tomorrow -runnn-



Saturday, 20 October 2012

SC shoot~Saikang today


Remember my Shugo Chara group? Today there is a group shoot... well, a part of group xD

BUT... I am the saikang today xD I actually wanted to cos but.... haiz... my wig is with Jasmine and I don't have other SC wig  :'( but either way, I choose to join them and help out.

I meet Fishie and Connie at... the building beside One raffle place where Fishie do her make-up.

Then meet with the photogs, Ching Siew, Akihiko and his friend. Well so they snap snap snap and I got to say it is really fun!

And no, I don't have photos of them since I am not photog and yup my skill is CMI and I dun wan to spoil their *o* image >.< BUT! photo of me... OF COURSE!
                                  Me an Connie~ gawd she is really pretty :3 while my face is like !@#$

                                      these photos are taken while the others are shooting xD

                                           my snap of Fishie! Gothic Utau~ Real cute right >.<

Well so it was around 6:30 when we finish shooting... partially because it started raining =.= We took cab to Iluma... wait.... Bugis+ to have our dinner. However, Fishie and the photogs went off and the one having dinner are me, Ching Siew, Connie, Akihiko and his friend.

My dinner:
However, I didn't finish most of the rice cus I gobble up like 1/4 of the 1 liter green just before dinner
                                                        This is Ching Siew's dinner

                  Photos I took of Ching Siew... Cool deshou! FYI her chara is utau genderbend
Zoom in to her hand...

            LOOK. SO. AWESOME. RIGHT! guess how it is made? Syrup and Tissue... *0* worship...

IMPORTANT POINT: there was this 4 hawt Jap guys sitting at the table beside ours in the restaurant... and i KYAAAAA like some siao woman and I can't finish my dinner partially because of that >.< My stomach was full of green tea and butterflies xD

Then after dinner, we went home and ends our adventure...

Now I am damn tired... and THERE IS LIKE 6 HOURS OF TUITION tomorrow~ GAHHHH FML



Monday, 15 October 2012


Hello :p

Today my I went Ice-skating with Sze Hwee and her classmates! This is actually the first time I am Skating in Singapore xD I skated twice but it was in China when I went for a holiday~ It was either with my cousin or is me alone :/ So I am really excited to Skate with my friends!

                                                        A picture before heading out!

So I met with Sze Hwee, Jing Her, Amanda, JunLiang~ AND I WAS LATE >.< -the worse part is i dont feel guilty- So we took the MRT to Jurong East and met Abigail, then to Jcube and meet YuQing and her boyfriend. Then buy ticket, get the skate, blah blah blah~

My skates! I am very unhappy cus my friends all get the black skate, and I got blue =.= Noooo TT^TT

 I planned to spam photos but... hai... forget it le~ the only 2 photos I got...
Haha~ SH >.<

Zi-Lian-ing all the way >.< >,< >o<

HaHa~ this is it today